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Monday, July 06, 2020

Remote Server Management

Save time and money by using our remote server management services, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Our experienced and certified team will maintain and troubleshoot issues for you 24x7.

Our Linux and Windows server management team has vast experience in managing servers on either Linux or Windows platforms. Our experienced and highly-trained industry certified engineers are always available at beck and call to support.


Our 24x7 Remote Server Management support teams can give your business, the “Peace of Mind” knowing that we will keep your IT running.

Managing your own servers involves both time and money. Typically you may need a full time staff, constant training for them to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and often you will focus more time managing your technology than your business.

If you need someone reliable for a proactive remote server administration; then IDS - 24x7 remote server administration services are just for you. We constantly monitor your server’s performance, network traffic, disk space utilization, running services and much more. Our proactive outsourced server management every month also includes complete server audit, monitoring event logs and resolving problems, patch management, security audits and more. Our certified support engineers administer and maintain your servers for maximum stability, security and uptime.


24/7 Proactive Monitoring: Team of expert engineers keeping an eye on the connectivity and server services round-the-clock from our central Network Operations Centre (NOC). 

Maintenance and Audits: Monitoring event logs, scheduled maintenance tasks, patch management, anti-virus management, backup monitoring and more.     

Complete Protection: Server optimization and hardening, firewall audit, anti-virus and spam protection, and more as part of initial audit and proactive maintenance.

Backups and Data Recovery: Complete technical assistance in building backup and recovery plans, configuring and monitoring the same.

Qualified Technicians: 24x7 access to professional and certified domain experts who fully understand that uptime, security and reliability are of utmost importance.

Measured SLA’s: Offering a 30 minute response time and a 6 hour resolution time for all technical support incidents.



Zero Investment:

Sign up with us without any upfront fees.

Comprehensive Support:

Experience cost savings, standardized operations and simplified IT management using our CMMi and ITIL based approach and processes.

No Break-Fix Mentality:

Our engineers proactively maintains your servers and focus on the prevention of issues.

Reduce Costs:

Gain complete control and reduce your overall operating costs (OPEX) with our flat-fee billing model.

Skill Set:

Right from Level 1 to Level 3 our industry certified and experienced server administrators are available for support – 24x7.

Proactive Insights:

We work proactively discovering and fixing problems on your servers before they can negatively affect your business.


Supported Platforms

We support all popular versions of Linux like CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, etc. as well as Windows server platforms like Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2, etc.

Some common server management tasks that we perform are:

·         Security Audit and Vulnerability assessment reports

·         Configuring basic firewall and security monitoring software

·         Kernel updates/patching

·         Software/package updates of OS packages based on Security Vulnerability reports

·         Server hardening

·         Verification of events log files and fixing issues

·         Prevention of URL hack injections and web based attacks

·         Disabling unwanted services

·         Performance optimization of critical services 

·         And more…


          24/7 Proactive Monitoring                             Maintenance and Audits                  Complete Protection

          Team of expert engineers keeping an eye       Monitoring event logs scheduled        Server optimization and

          on the connectivity and server services           maintenance tasks, anti-virus             hardening, firewall audit, 

          round the clock from our central Network       management, patch management,    anti-virus and spam

          Operations Center (NOC)                                backup monitoring and more              protection and more


          Backups and Data Recovery                         Qualified Technicians                      Measured SLA’s


          Complete technical assistance in                     24/7 access to professional and         Offering a 30 minute response time

          building backup and recovery plans,                certified domain experts who fully      and a 6 hour resolution time for all

          configuring and monitoring the same               understand that uptime, security        technical support incidents

                                                                                    and reliability are of utmost importance


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