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Monday, July 06, 2020


Radically Simple, Intelligent and Robust Network Backup and Recovery

  • Scalable Architecture
  • Centralized Backup of Heterogeneous Systems and Applications
  • Backup to Disk, Tape or Amazon S3
  • Protect Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X Environments
  • No Proprietary Data Formats
  • Backup Fault Tolerance
  • Lowest Cost of Ownershp

Amanda is the world's most popular Open Source Backup and Archiving software. Amanda allows System Administrators to set up a single backup server to back up multiple hosts to a tape- or disk- or cloud-based storage system. Amanda uses native archival tools and can back up a large number of workstations and servers running various versions of Linux, Unix (including OpenSolaris), Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows operating systems (Native Windows client and Samba).

Some important Features:

  • Amanda simplifies the tasks of a system administrator because you can easily set up a single server to back up multiple networked clients to a tape, disk or optical storage system.
  • Amanda is optimized for backup to disk and tape. Additionally, it enables you to write backups to tape and disk simultaneously. The very same data can be available online for quick restores from disk and off-site for disaster recovery and long term retention.
  • Since Amanda does not use proprietary device drivers, any device supported by an operating system works well with Amanda. The system administrator does not have to worry about breaking support for a device when upgrading Amanda.
  • Amanda uses standard utilities such as dump and GNUtar. Since these are not proprietary formats, data can be recovered with readily available standard tools even without Amanda.
  • Amanda's unique scheduler optimizes backup level for different clients in such a way that total backup time is about the same for every backup run. Amanda frees the system administrators from having to guess the rate of data change in their environments
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) for a backup solution based on Amanda is significantly lower than the TCO of any solution that uses proprietary backup software.
  • Open file and tape formats. If necessary, you can use standard tools like mt and GNU Tar to recover data.
  • Does tape management: e.g. Amanda will not overwrite the wrong tape.
  • For a restore, tells you what tapes you need, and finds the proper backup image on the tape for you.
  • Supports tape changers via a generic interface.Easily customizable to any type of tape library, carousel, robot, stacker, or virtual tape that can be controlled via the unix command line.
  • Supports secure communication between server and client using OpenSSH, allowing secure backup of machines in a DMZ or out in the Internet.


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